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///// Google Hawk /////

Google is watching you like a hawk. The new local update the SEL dubbed as hawk seems to be a revamp of the earlier possum update. Where possum helped to filter duplicates from the map pack and the main listings, hawk seems to be doing this on steroids. It’s now filtering similar businesses that are close to one another. So if your competitor next door has 5 star ratings and tones of 3rd party reviews- brace for a drop in local traffic.

///// Search Console API /////

Search Console beta will have API access.
This means you can export your data every month via an API and store it in a database so you can start to pul historical information over more than 90 days. As Google makes it harder to scrape ranking data, being able to look back more than 90 days will become a very valuable asset.

///// Youtube in Tag Manager /////

If you are a big video buff you’ll be please to hear that Youtube now has a native tag manager integration so you can get in-depth analytics on youtube videos posted to your site. This update gives you the same analytics functions but cuts out most of the heavy lifting allowing you to automate your video event tracking.

///// Facebook Killing Power Editor /////

Facebook is killing power editor. Or should I say they are merging ad manager and power editor into one single experience. Any update to Facebook business manager is a welcome change – despite the ad platform being one of the best in the world the back end is clunky and difficult to use. Fingers crossed this will cut out a lot of admin time spend going back and forward with clients.

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