Seo Shin Ae shows too much [sorry for the cancer]

OsLLQBQsMxY, Seo Shin Ae shows too much [sorry for the cancer], Seo Shin Ae is making numerous headlines for her shocking outfit at ‘2017 Busan International Film Festival’ (BIFF).

On October 12, the red carpet photo wall event of the annual film festival took place at the Busan Cinema Center. Numerous hot stars made a dazzling appearance but out of all, Seo Shin Ae is gaining the most attention.

The 18-year-old (19 Korean age) actress, who made her debut at a very early age as a child actress back in 2004, took a giant step away from her cute image and went for hot in a revealing white dress.

Her outfit went viral; taking countless headlines and her articles placing #1 on real-time entertainment news.

In response to the tremendous attention, a rep from Seo Shin Ae’s label commented,

“We were surprised because the reactions were hotter than we expected. We didn’t expect this much.”

The rep also revealed,

“The dress was picked by Seo Shin Ae and her stylist. Seo Shin Ae is turning 20-years-old this year. She wanted to shed her child actress image so she picked a dress with a mature design.”

Meanwhile, netizens are expressing great shock at Seo Shin Ae’s attempt at the transformation, and claimed the dress was “too much”.

Comments stated,
“Shin Ae yah… That dress is really not for you… TT”

“You don’t have to purposely try to shed your child actress image… A young image is still strongly engraved in us. You look very awkward in that dress… You could’ve definitely just lost your child actress image through acting..”

“What have they done to a child??”,

“Don’t try so hard to look mature.. I think it’ll be better for her to go with a cute image”

“Doesn’t fit her at all”

“No, this is just no”

“What was the stylist thinking??”

” The stylist is crazy.”

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