Blogger SEO Basics with Adrian Land | #TraverseTalks 003

urfrFuH37Lw, Blogger SEO Basics with Adrian Land | #TraverseTalks 003, Adrian Land talks to Traverse about Blogger SEO Basics.

Thanks to Adrian from coming in and sharing his awesome SEO & digital marketing knowledge.

More information about Adrian Land:

Considerable Influencer (Adrian’s Influencer Platform)

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Q1) 02:06: Is the difference in potential SEO ranking between the free and hosted a significant one?

Q2) 08:50: Is it good practice to “re-do” your SEO on older posts and then re-submit them to Google?

Q3) 11:20: Any tips to make blog faster and increase page speed?

Q4) 26:00: Do I always need two green lights (which rarely happens for me) in Yoast? there’s only so many times the keyword can naturally appear without stuffing

Q5) 28:40: Which are the best tools to find good keywords? And how do you get to understand which keywords are the best?

Q6) 34:17: Should I be keeping a close eye on my blog’s Domain Authority?

Q7) 37:02: Changing my domain name, any best practice steps to sure any loss of traffic or ranking is minimised?

Q8) 42:03: What should the first steps be to ensure my blog is in good shape SEO wise from day 1?

SEO Tools Mentioned

ScreamingFrog –
Pingdom Speed Test —
AMP WordPress plugin –
Google Search Console –
Google Page Speed Insights –

Google Keyword Planner –
SEMRush –

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