Dumb SEO Questions 235.

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https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=29 = Landing page to increase conversions
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=401 = An entirely duplicate homepage created by the hosting company
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=598 = Canonical tag for two different language variations
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=715 = Keeping thank you pages (for conversions) indexed
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=774 = Squarespace is forcing a client of mine to use local business markup
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=937 = Is it now a big no-no to suggest to other website owners linking text that they could use?
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=1079 = Anyone else missing all link data from Webmaster Tools?
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=1108 = robots.txt of Shopify sites
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=1229 = SEO – squarespace site or etsy shop?
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=1382 = The site is tanking but no manual penalty message
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=1554 = What happens if you pull 10 pbn links pointing to a site?
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=1775 = When a website changes from http to https
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=1941 = How search engines react when you move hosting?
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=2123 = Index Status from Google Webmaster console
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=2328 = Buying expired domains with branded keywords
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=2562 = 3 different locations on GMB
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=2775 = I have been out of the seo game for years, where do I begin?
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=3114 = SEO for a multi-service website
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=3469 = How long for a local business to show in the map pack?
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=3808 = Is it ok if i will hire a article writer who will write articles for me?
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=4140 = Redirect 404 pages
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=4274 = How did this listing in mobile organic get the click to call to show up under description?
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=4379 = Can we use the same image on the different posts, but with a different ALT tag?
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=4629 = Can PBN is helpful for getting rank fast or trust worthy?
https://youtu.be/6D9LJZdmUl4?t=5039 = Do I have to switch domain registrar to the same hosting company?
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