Google Mobile Ranking Time, Yahoo & Firefox Partner & Hidden Content SEO

greXeu8KwNU, Google Mobile Ranking Time, Yahoo & Firefox Partner & Hidden Content SEO, – This week is the mobile week in SEO! Google announced they are officially showing mobile-friendly labels in the mobile search results. They released a testing tool for mobile friendly verification. They also said they are experimenting with new mobile friendly ranking factors. Google also hinted that it is true they won’t index click to expand content, content within tabs and so forth. Google is testing a scrollable answers box. I think I have a solution to the Google Answers vs publishers content problem. Google’s knowledge graph added links to social profiles. Google News added a “Suggested For You” section. Google AdWords added five new Shopping Campaigns reports. They added new features to the keyword planner tool. New graphs were added to the AdWords demographics tab. Google AdSense is testing new arrow designs and potentially really tiny fonts. Yahoo stole Google’s Firefox deal from them, which is a big win for Yahoo. Google has a fun new easter egg to roll dice and flip coins. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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