Google Penalty, Google Shabbos Rules, SEO, Emojis, DMOZ & More

51dHYPhfjgA, Google Penalty, Google Shabbos Rules, SEO, Emojis, DMOZ & More, – This week in search news we posted our monthly Google webmaster report. Natural News is back in the index after a rare public penalty by Google. Google offers tips on what to do when you close your site. Google Panda does take into account site architecture. A former Googler asks for Google SEO help. If you reduce server load time, it can help big time with Google crawl budget. Google top stories and Google News are independent of each other. Google shows emojis in the search analytics Search Console reports. Emojis showed up in the AdWords titles also. Google AdWords now has price extensions on all devices. They also are testing an additional AdWords description field to make the ads huge. Google AdMob is trying to get more people to use interstitials. Bing Ads Editor for Mac is out of beta. Google has killed of their WordPress AdSense plugin. Google is testing swipeable cards for local results. Google assistant is now on more Android phones. Google said web directories don’t help with SEO. Google AMP report showed huge increase in indexed pages by accident. Google’s AMP will likely inflate your analytics metrics. Finally, DMOZ is closing their historic web directory this month. That was this past week in search news at the Search Engine Roundtable.

March 2017 Google Webmaster Report :
Natural News Is Back In Google After Penalty Is Revoked :
Google Official Tips On Closing A Site For Days (For Maybe Shabbat) :
Google: Panda Takes Into Account Site Quality Including Site Architecture :
Google: More Pages About Topic X Versus Y Won’t Hurt Your Google Rankings For Y :
Screen Shot: Reduce Load Time & Increase Google Crawl Budget :
Google: Top Stories & Google News Are Independent Features :
Emojis In Google Search Console Search Analytics Report :
Emojis In Google AdWords Titles :
Google AdWords Price Extensions Now On All Devices Including Desktop :
Google AdWords Tests Additional Description Field :
Google AdMob Asks Why Publishers Aren’t Using Interstitials :
Bing Ads Editor For Mac Available Globally :
Google Killed Off Their WordPress AdSense Plugin :
Google Test Card Style Local Finder In Maps Results :
Google Assistant Now Rolling Out To More Android Phones :
Google: Web Directories Don’t Generally Help With Rankings :
Google AMP Report Shows Increase In Indexed Pages & Errors :
Google AMP Likely Will Inflate Your Traffic Metrics, Google Is Working On Fix :
After 18 Years, DMOZ, The Web Directory, Is Closing Down :

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