Google Mobile SEO Update, Analytics & Search Console, AdWords & Bing Ads Bans

awvQSZ_QRmA, Google Mobile SEO Update, Analytics & Search Console, AdWords & Bing Ads Bans, – This week in search, Google fully rolled out the new update for the mobile friendly algorithm. Google denied any other major update happening this week, despite the tools going haywire. Google hasn’t updated Penguin in over 18 months now. Google Analytics has done some deep integration with Google Search Console. Google Search Console bug with the number of indexed pages in Sitemaps. Google Search Analytics now is reporting on knowledge panel, rich snippet and local links and updated their reports for mobile apps also. Google may bring voice search and more AMP reporting to Search Analytics. Google is testing black links instead of blue and keeps testing the wider, more spacious search results. Google News has a new local source tag to promote local publications more. Bing is testing showing a Twitter carousel. Google AdWords has banned payday loan ads and high interest rate loan ads. Bing Ads banned third-party technical support companies for consumer computer services. Bing’s webmaster outreach is nonexistent and it is very sad. Google launched an awesome iOS keyboard named Gboard. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine roundtable.

Google Fully Launches The New Mobile Friendly Update :
Google Dismisses Any Recent Major Algorithm Update :
It’s Over A Year & A Half Since The Last Google Penguin Update :
Google Analytics Vastly Improves Search Console Integration :
Google Search Console Sitemaps Index Count Drops For All :
Google Search Analytics Report Update: Now Includes Knowledge Panel, Rich Snippets & Local :
Google Looking To Bring Voice Search & AMP Reporting To Search Console :
Google Testing Black Instead Of Blue Links In Search Results :
Is Google Launching The More Spacious Search Results User Interface? :
Google News To Promote Local Publishers With Local Source Tag :
Bing Testing Twitter Carousel In Search Results :
Google AdWords Bans Payday Loans & Other Risky Loan Ads :
Bing Ads Bans Third-Party Technical Support Services Companies :
Bing Webmaster Outreach Nonexistent :
Gboard, Google’s iOS Keyboard That Brings Search Into Every App On Your iPhone :

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