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VKMYsb6s-_Y, Google Rankings, SEO, Penalties, HTTPS, AMP, AdWords, Maps & Bing Ads, – This week in search, I covered a possible Google update earlier this week – it is unconfirmed. Google said they don’t have an overall domain authority. Google said they launch more changes to the Google search results towards the end of each quarter. Google said they fixed a bug which didn’t notify webmasters of manual action penalties. Google Search Console’s Search Analytics AMP filter only shows top stories. Google Search Console went down this week. Google said there is a big difference between image links and text links. Google’s top results are now 40% HTTPS says Moz. Google is testing icons near sitelinks. Google Maps updated their interface for search results. Google My Business now supports attributes management. Google Maps shows localized names. Google News has new schema to show fact checked articles. Google AdWords is moving managed level access to administrative level access soon. Bing Ads launched shared budgets. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Some Google Search Ranking Update Chatter :
Google: We Don’t Have “Overall Domain Authority” In Our Rankings :
Google: We Launch Many New Search Changes Towards End Of Quarter :
Google Fixes Hidden Manual Actions Bug :
Google Search Console AMP Filter Only Shows Top Stories :
Google Search Console Is Now Down – 404 Not Found :
Google’s John Mueller: Image Links & Text Links Are Pretty Different :
Moz: 40% Of Google’s Top Search Results Are HTTPS, Up From 25% Earlier This Year :
Google Testing Sitelinks Icons :
Google Maps Updates The Search User Interface :
Manage Your Business Attributes In Google My Business :
Google Maps Tests Showing Local Businesses Names :
Pre-Elections: Google News Adds Fact Check Label & Schema Support :
Google AdWords Managed Access Levels To Get Administrative Access In Weeks :
Bing Ads Shared Budgets :

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