Showbiz Korea Weekend(Ep.280) SONG JOONG-KI, SONG HYE-KYO, SEO JI HYE, HAK JIN _ Full Episode

kkRWR8twq1U, Showbiz Korea Weekend(Ep.280) SONG JOONG-KI, SONG HYE-KYO, SEO JI HYE, HAK JIN _ Full Episode, SONG JOONG-KI(송중기), SONG HYE-KYO(송혜교), SEO JI HYE(서지혜), HAK JIN(학진), Big Brain(빅브레인)

The Baek Sang Arts Awards is a special and meaningful annual event where we can meet top, A-list stars in one venue, and look back on the works which delighted and touched the viewers over the past year.

Today’s special guest on Exclusive Date is actress SEO JI HYE, who is loved for her multiple and stylish qualities. In the drama “Yeah, That’s How It Is,” she is acting as a daughter-in-law who lives with her father-in-law after losing her husband in an accident these days. She is making the viewers laugh and cry with her rich emotional acting.
So, without further ado, let’s meet this lovely actress right now!

The Hunt
A group of villains who want to mine the mountain’s gold for themselves.A woodsman who won’t give up without a fight in order to protect something precious. It’s a chase between the hunters and the hunted, a chase that may not end until one destroys the other… Here comes an action thriller where human nature is put to the test against human desire. Get ready for the suspense film of the summer, “The Hunt.”

Rookie actor HAK JIN made himself known through the sports variety show “Cool Kiz On The Block.” He has a muscular physique as he used to be a volleyball player, and is tall and handsome. He is full of passion for volleyball and is delighting the ladies with his attractive qualities. Find out about his school days when all he knew was sports, and find out why he began acting. And, learn about his friendship with Kang Ho Dong through “Cool Kiz On The Block.” Let’s now meet the attractive actor HAK JIN and learn more about him~

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Big Brain
Today’s special guest is the 4 members of Big Brain! Big Brain debuted in 2015 with its digital single album “Billionaire Sound,” and they touched us with the sad ballad song. This time, the members are back with a love song, ‘Love, Love’ which maximizes their lovable traits!

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AOA “Good Luck” Cover Dance

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