Dumb SEO Questions 210.

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https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=115 = Google showing ME the wrong domain
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=318 = Negative reviews on Yelp
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=695 = Good practice to add products in an eCommerce website
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=959 = Question regarding the canonical tag
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=1541 = Possum algorithm update
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=2089 = Indexed pages are removed automatically
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=2361 = AMP is now on non news pages?
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=2810 = Why Every Website Should Invest in Local Links and Citations
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=3683 = Will Google trust a site with a phone number on it more then a site without one?
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=4000 = Priority and secondary keywords
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=4157 = Best tool to get a twitter users and handles
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=4388 = Schema for product with volume
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=4459 = Image/Universal Drop update
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=4536 = 301 returns 404
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=4782 = The best SEO practice to follow
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=5222 = Direct answer from a Facebook notes
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=5377 = Google+ is now a core app for work service
Weekly SEO News Roundup

https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=5426 = Google: Penguin is now part of our core algorithm
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=5770 = Apple Maps Redirecting robots.txt To Google Maps robots.txt
https://youtu.be/qYp12JSiRVo?t=5895 = Penguin 4.0 Update

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