CS Cart Advanced Featured SEO Add-on for Latest Version of CS-Cart Shopping Cart.

jLxtguPGlGw, CS Cart Advanced Featured SEO Add-on for Latest Version of CS-Cart Shopping Cart., CS-Cart Advanced Featured SEO Add-on allows you to optimize the specific “Products and Categories, CMS, News pages” for specific search terms on a template, which will greatly improve the performance of your store in vary search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

The On-Page optimization SEO work is an essential part of small or middle level of business in online marketing strategy. When you’re on-page factors are optimized in your online store (Online products selling website), it increases your customers visit radios and your search engine ranking without the need for superfluous off-page works.

Many fledgling internet marketers lack the experience and diligence necessary to enhance On -Page SEO work. Outsourcing the work can cost an inordinate amount of time, money, and effort, and still produce less than favorable results.

Our CS-Cart Advanced Featured SEO Add-on Features:-
We give an On-Page SEO Optimization Checking features for “Products, Categories, CMS, News, Blog pages. This is a great way for any SEO optimize the description of your Products, Categories, and News or Blog posts for better rankings.
1.Snippet Preview.
—–Page Title.
—–Page URL.
—–Meta Description.
2.Focus Keyword.
—–Page Heading.
—–Page Title.
—–Page URL.
—–Page Content.
—–Page Meta Description.
3.SEO Title.
4.Meta Description.
5.Page Analysis.
—–H1, H2 and other tags.
—–Keywords density.
—–Image alt tags.
—–Total count of words and more features.
6.Advanced Settings.
—–Meta Robots Index.
—–Meta Robots Follow.
—–Meta Robots Advanced.
—–Include in Sitemap.
—–Sitemap Priority.
—–Canonical URL.
—–301 Redirects.
7.Order Share to Social Media.
8.Manage Advanced Product Options.
—–Manage Internal Links. (Products, Categories, CMS, News)
—–Manage Products (Zero Price, Zero Quantity, Without Image, Without SEO Title Products and etc..,).
—–Manage 301 redirects.
—–Manage 404 pages.

ABSSoft Advanced Featured SEO works in all latest web browsers like Mozilla, internet explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera and etc..,
ABSSoft Advanced Featured SEO compatible with following CS-Cart version 3.0.x, 4.0.x, 4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x.

You can purchase the CS-Cart Advanced SEO add-on here:- http://abssoft.co.in/cs-cart-addons/cs-cart-other-addons/cs-cart-advanced-featured-seo-add-on.html

Do not resell the software and use it on licensed domain(s) only.
The add-on installation may take 1-2 business days after the purchase.

Please read it before purchase the add-ons:-
Our licensed add-ons will work with the IonCube encoder service which is pre-installed on most of web servers. Please ensure you have the latest version of IonCube on your web server.
If you have multiple stores under different naming domains but one backend the store does not allow to install addons only for single store so you need to purchase a license for each store if you fail to do so the addon will show the errors.
You need to share your store URL, server PHP and IonCube version after purchased made.

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