Crown J and Seo In Young did’t want to “Get Married” at first? [Short News]

v5adl7jkXX8, Crown J and Seo In Young did’t want to “Get Married” at first? [Short News], 160830 Kpop Short News :
Crown J and Seo In Young, a former ‘We Got Married’ couple, appeared on JTBC’s ‘With You’ on August 30! Although the two seemed friendly on-screen and became one of the most popular couples, it turns out that the “ant couple” didn’t always have positive opinions of each other.

Seo In Young revealed, “Crown J told me that whenever I call, he will come to me. If I called him, he really would come.” Crown J revealed that whenever Seo In Young calls him, she would call him, “Hubby,” with aegyo.

However, the two recalled being on the show together in the past. Seo In Young said, “I really did not want to do this back then. When I went to filming, they told me who I was going to be with, and I refused to film. I asked why I had to do this with Crown J out of the many celebrities.”

Crown J added, “I had seen Seo In Young in a private setting beforehand, and she had no manners. Now, I really like her. I hated her because her first impression had been bad, but while doing [‘We Got Married’] with her, I came to be attached to her”.

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