Google Plus Profile Helps Your Ranking – Brisbane SEO Experts Reveal Why

LTy3APo-ioo, Google Plus Profile Helps Your Ranking – Brisbane SEO Experts Reveal Why,

Social media including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have proven time and again that it is a powerful medium to getting the word out and helping with brand popularity. In this news, Brisbane SEO Company founder and CEO Jeremy from Stealth iMarketing, shows how you can utilize a Google+ profile to increase your website’s ranking.

— The New Digital Age has been released
— Google + profiles get you higher ranking
— Google implementing Offline Authorship online
— Image SEO is really important
— Images should be set up so Google can index them
— This One Mistake that happens time and time again
— What is good Meta Keyword practice?
— Good Meta Keyword practice is definitely better than Bad practice
— Why is Stealth iMarketing consistently getting strong results?

In this news episode, Google have confirmed that Google Plus profiles result in higher rank, and a massive mistake that I see come up time and time again, and how you can avoid it.

Eric Schmidt, Google’s boss has been in the news recently because he had a book released in April titled “The New Digital Age.” In addition to some scathing remarks about Twitter, Schmidt seemed to reinforce that Google Plus profiles will result in giving you higher ranking in the Search engine results (SERP’s). This means if you verify your profile with the Rel Author Status, your result will appear higher than others who have not done this step.

Back in May last year, Amit Singhal said that Google had tried to take offline authorship online and give people with high status and authority in their marketplace, preference in the results. Similar to Yellow pages and how market leaders got the big ads at the start of the category index. If you haven’t so done yet, register your Google Plus profile, verify it as a Rel Author and then make sure that content is linked to your profile. Not only will you get a nice picture next to your listings, but as Google are now saying, your results will appear higher.

I’ve been helping providing website audits and there’s been one mistake that I have see happening time and time again. That is the stuffing of meta keywords on the site. In one instance, a site had more than 180 Meta keywords in one single page. That’s just plain crazy these days!

What is good Meta keywords practice? You should limit the use of meta keywords to about 5 or 6 per page. They should be descriptive of the content that’s on that page. Those keywords should also be placed in the content but you can and also should use variations. This also helps you rank for associated terms too. Does this have a big impact on SEO? From our experience, good meta keyword practice and association words do help. Also practicing good Meta keywords strategies are going to do you more favors than bad Meta keywords practice. So don’t try to stuff a million keywords in there, make sure they are relevant to the topic and help Google determine what the page or post is really about.

Talking of results, we have a whole batch of new results come in this week and they’re still as strong as ever. We’re shifting sites from pages down the results to the first page with results that stick. Now why is that? While many other SEO providers are floundering and going out of business, how can we consistently get strong results? It’s because we do things the way Google want –that’s high quality, hand written content on your website, promoted with more high quality hand written content, and hand written content offsite to help Google find your website. Of course this takes a lot of resource and that is why we are able to consistently get results while others fail.

If you are after better results from your social media or need us to set up any of your profiles correctly Let us Know, we would love to help you succeed!

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