How to learn SEO?

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Hi and welcome. My name is Harald Tschuggnall from and today I want to talk about how you can learn SEO or how you can find, actually, the right people to learn SEO from and how you can find the right portals.

The big problem is if you talk about learning SEO if you just do research on YouTube, for example, you could end up finding a video that is outdated. What I mean by that is if it would happen that you would find a video about back-links or back-linking or how to do a back-link and you find a video that was made in 2012 or before 2012 or maybe the people don’t know what they’re talking about and they would still recommend to you doing something like article directories or web directories or using some tools to make some links using some link-networks. This could be a dangerous topic because if you do that it’s very likely that you are getting a penalty even if the guy in the video recommended that you can’t be sure.

What you should do, of course, you should always check the date. You could say if it’s older than a year it could be dangerous already. There’s no real rule for that because we don’t know when Google is rolling out the new updates so you always have to inform yourself. You have to watch the news; you have to find out who is really telling you the truth.

What I would recommend is you can go up to the Moz Blog,, search engine round table, search engine land, search engine news, and other stuff like that. Try to read that. Try to read other topics. Try to get a feeling what is going on today. Go to some conferences if they are in your area. Don’t believe everything. What I would recommend is that if you getting into that industry, if you want to learn, then try to figure out who is really an expert in certain topic.

The point is that SEO these days, it’s so broad, it’s video SEO, its image SEO, it’s local SEO, and it’s whatever. There are so many different SEO niches that actually as SEO you can’t know everything.

I do SEO now over ten years and am not expert in all the niches. I’m not expert in implementing schema or I’m not expert in local, a real expert. I know how it works but there are people out there that are really specialized in that. I am very specialized in back-links, for example, I also know a lot about homepage stuff but the real specialized stuff, it’s really advantage to go to people that work daily with that stuff.

If an old SEO colleague of mine is working daily with rich snippets or daily with videos or daily with local and they have a big site and they really know what’s going on then, of course, I also go up to this guy and ask him, “Can you give me a hint or how can I do it faster, or what is really important.” Of course, I can understand it very fast because I understand all the basic stuff.

For you, if you want to learn it, first it would be very important to find out, to keep on track, know what’s going on, and read about the updates that have happened in the past. You should know what is a Penguin update, what is a Panda update. I would also strongly recommend that you understand that SEO can really be a risk and if you do SEO for a client you really should know what you’re doing. If you build some bad links or do some bad stuff for the client, always keep in mind that a lot of people working for a client could lose their job, the client could lose a lot of money even if he gets a penalty it could be that he has to close down his website, it’s not making any money any more.

It’s very important, if you do some experiments back-linking or whatever do it with your own site, do it with your own blog. Try to learn, try to be really in the same year, do SEO not like ten years ago.
Of course, if you visited my blog you see that I’ve got a lot of free videos. I will actually give away all of my videos for free in two or three weeks, I will make everything free. If you want, you can of course, come to our website and check out all the videos.

Like I mentioned also go to, Moz search engine round table and stuff like that to inform yourself what is going on, what are the SEO news. I hope that was useful and I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye-bye.

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