Dumb SEO Questions 203.

Ntf4ib4TbFg, Dumb SEO Questions 203., We meet every Thursday to answer the SEO Questions asked on the SEO Questions community on G+. You are welcome to post your own questions and/or join our DSQ Panel to discuss your issue live on air.

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https://youtu.be/Ntf4ib4TbFg?t=160 = Ranking for similar domain names
https://youtu.be/Ntf4ib4TbFg?t=940 = Screaming Frog can`t crawl my site
https://youtu.be/Ntf4ib4TbFg?t=1509 = What`s the better format for pictures? PNG of JPEG?
https://youtu.be/Ntf4ib4TbFg?t=1632 = How much business name change is going to affect Google crawling?
https://youtu.be/Ntf4ib4TbFg?t=1937 = Will building citations on directories help a website rank?
https://youtu.be/Ntf4ib4TbFg?t=2404 = Change of Address tool in Google Search Console
https://youtu.be/Ntf4ib4TbFg?t=2653 = Increase my traffic
https://youtu.be/Ntf4ib4TbFg?t=3785 = Doubt about meta title
https://youtu.be/Ntf4ib4TbFg?t=4075 = Missing data in Search console
Weekly SEO News Roundup

https://youtu.be/Ntf4ib4TbFg?t=4209 = Is “SEO” the right term anymore?

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