Dumb Seo Questions 202.

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https://youtu.be/nv7ryMrodHU?t=117 = Targeted keywords
https://youtu.be/nv7ryMrodHU?t=381 = Canonical tag doesn`t work on my case
https://youtu.be/nv7ryMrodHU?t=650 = My pages are not getting crawled, why?
https://youtu.be/nv7ryMrodHU?t=764 = Rankings on desktop and mobile
https://youtu.be/nv7ryMrodHU?t=936 = Site Language and SEO Ranking
https://youtu.be/nv7ryMrodHU?t=1207 = Social Signal Numbers
https://youtu.be/nv7ryMrodHU?t=1423 = Best link building method
Weekly SEO News Roundup

https://youtu.be/nv7ryMrodHU?t=2150 = AMP breaks out of news into the main Google search results

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