Bullet Proof SEO for Discerning SEO Resellers

xzaTt_AnZK8, Bullet Proof SEO for Discerning SEO Resellers, We are excited to announce a number of new changes in the content marketing sector! We’ve got a new Press Release process, Business Quotes, and Featured News Stories to offer each SEO reseller.

Hubshout has partnered with publishers interested in having timely news on their website, which is where the Featured News option comes into play. The client will get included in trending news stories happening around the nation that are related to the client’s industry.

The Business Quote involves Hubshout calling your end client to get a quote about their particular industry, product, or service in order to weave it into the story. Again, Hubshout will find an interesting publishing site that will help your end client get noticed. Our Premium Writers are using content marketing in this case, while the Press Team contacts the customer in a white-labeled way to ask for a quote.

Hubshout is rolling out a new Press Release process as well! We’ve got a new method on how to contact end clients. We use a state-of-the-art phone system using the client’s local area phone number. The Press Team works for the SEO reseller via the white label SEO reseller press team outreach service.

Hubshout publishes press releases with PRWeb’s Advanced service, which is a well known service that will give an SEO reseller better results. So far, SEO resellers are very excited about the new offers and believe this will boost end client profits.

To find out more about pricing and other details regarding the new Hubshout changes and offerings, watch the video!

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