[FMV] Seo Inguk & Sooyoung (Squad 38) – No Matter What

qrqPkO5ZBeo, [FMV] Seo Inguk & Sooyoung (Squad 38) – No Matter What, JungHee (Yang Jungdo and Chun SungHee) Couple Squad 38 FMV.

Despite the lack of screentime, I love the interaction between Jungdo and Sunghee! I think Jungdo has his own reasons to break up with Sunghee because we can clearly see that he still likes her. Hope they can get back together~

PS. Seo Inguk is multitalented, isn’t he? His voice is so good, this song is one of my favorites! Is it too much to ask for Inguk and Sooyoung duet for Squad 38 OST?

BGM: No Matter What by Seo In Guk
Coloring: Nuur Salvatore
Eng: pop!gasa

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