Google Mobile SEO, Bing Link Explorer, Google Report Bad Links & Penguin

EcuvT_8Twgo, Google Mobile SEO, Bing Link Explorer, Google Report Bad Links & Penguin, – It was a great week in the search community, lots of exciting stuff going on. Google came out with their official recommendation on mobile SEO, go with a responsive design. Google is working on a tool within Webmaster Tools to allow webmasters to disavow links. Bing Link Explorer was announced in the major Bing Webmaster Tools revamp, I am very happy. Google said that all the messages sent via Google Webmaster Tools about penalties are related to manual penalties. Google Penguin 1.1 update was not just a data refresh but also they tweaked the algorithm a bit. We have our June 2012 Google webmaster report and Google came out with their 39 search quality changes post last night. Danny Sullivan has an awesome rant about links that will be referenced back for the next 5+ years. If you want to upgrade early to the new Google+ Local pages, now you can.Google News deprecated the syndication tag a week or so ago. Google AdWords changed course on their AdWords rotation policy. Jim Boykin bought SEO Chat and the whole Developer Shed network, he also announced he hired Darrin Ward, the founder of SEO Chat. SMX Advanced was this past week and it seriously was an awesome conference. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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