Google Bans SEO Agency For Links, Block Unwanted Links, Anti Penguin Links & Yahoo Axis

GY5J3MbAgYI, Google Bans SEO Agency For Links, Block Unwanted Links, Anti Penguin Links & Yahoo Axis, – Fun SEO news week. iAcquire, a respected SEO and internet marketing company, was called out for allegedly buying links for Dun & Bradstreet. Shortly later, iAcquire and their affiliates are no longer found in Google. There are new rumors of a Penguin update. Google should add a way for people to block unwanted links via Google Webmaster Tools. Google says if your competitors spam, report them. Hey, I have an ad on my site for “Anti Penguin Link Building” – makes me sad but smile at the same time. Google said if you link to a few bad sites, it won’t hurt you. Google does audit AdWords accounts managed by third parties. Don’t want Google to stop your AdWords ad rotation, then try pausing them. AdWords has a new report named Auction Insights showing you how you compete with your competitors. Google Places updated their PO Box policy. Moving and managing your Google Place account is dangerous. Google AdSense removed the scrolling ads, the arrows. Yahoo Axis is a new browser and search tool from Yahoo. Aaron Wall made LEGO characters for SEOs and Googlers. Google has a sweet interactive logo for the Moog Synthesizer. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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