Dumb SEO Questions 192.

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https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=214 = Keywords meta tag is no longer used by search engines
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=460 = How to increase traffic based on specific keywords?
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=625 = Ranking drops to fast
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=966 = Schema and organization markup
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=1078 = Question about Google business page
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=1273 = Another redirection question
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=1382 = “Rich Cards” in Google Search Console
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=1617 = Question regarding Schema news markup
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=1933 = Questions about multi langual site
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=2442 = I am maintaining a blog on a website
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=2719 = My business has moved to a new city
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=2919 = Does updating a google plus page effect local rankings?
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=3164 = SEO Forensic Please
Weekly SEO News Roundup

https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=3729 = 20% of Mobile Search Queries Are Voice Queries
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=4375 = Google puts shopping ads in image search
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=4473 = Tie your sites together with property sets in Search Console
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=4521 = Do Titles and H1 tags Still have an SEO Impact?
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=4848 = The Best Keyword Research Tools
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=5102 = Google widths are experiment only.
https://youtu.be/DilzrkMZ6KA?t=5211 = Tie together web and mobile properties in Google Search Console.

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