Google Guidelines, Mobile Usability, Negative SEO, AdWords, Bing’s Duane Forrester & Halloween

ITy1Uyb8F7g, Google Guidelines, Mobile Usability, Negative SEO, AdWords, Bing’s Duane Forrester & Halloween, – This week in search, I blow through tons of topics in 11.5 minutes. First up was the DMCA piracy algorithm going live the other week. Google updated their webmaster guidelines to tell people not to block CSS or JavaScript, they added mobile usability reports and issued more global warnings for Flash usage – mobile is big! Google added a new meta tag to block the Sitelinks search box. Google News Publisher Center is now available in 21 countries. Negative SEO is a real problem and Google needs to take a close look at it. HTTP Strict Transport may appear to serve 307 redirects, but GoogleBot handles it fine. Google AdWords rolled out multilogin support and new automated ad extension reports are coming soon. Google My Business had a major upgrade around reviews, heat maps, phone tracking and their Android and iOS apps. Google AdSense direct has been discontinued. Google mocks SEOs again around authorship with rel superauthor. Bing lets you search with Emoji characters, but so does Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. Bing downsized Duane Forrester, killing that connection to webmasters. I also posted all the Halloween logos from the search industry. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google’s DMCA Piracy Algorithm Went Live Last Week :
Google Guidelines: Blocking CSS Or JavaScript Directly Can Harm Your Rankings :
Google Webmaster Tools Adds Mobile Usability Errors :
Google Issues Global Warning Of Flash Sites In Mobile Results :
Google’s New nositelinkssearchbox Meta Tag :
Google News Publisher Center Rolls Out In More Countries :
Negative SEO Is Real & Google Needs To Fix It :
HTTP Strict Transport Security & 307 Redirects, Google Doesn’t See It :
Google AdWords Multi Login Support Rolling Out :
Coming Soon: Google AdWords Automated Extensions Report :
Google My Business Adds Awesome Features For Businesses ;
iOS Users Now Get Google My Business App Update :
Google AdSense Direct To Be Discontinued :
Google Rel=SuperAuthor Once Again Points Fun At Rel=Author :
Bing Supports Emoji Search But So Does Yahoo & DuckDuckGo :
Bing Sever Ties With Webmasters By Firing Duane Forrester :
The 2014 Google Halloween Doodle Going Live :
Halloween Logos From Google, Bing, & More :

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