Dumb SEO Questions 190.

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https://youtu.be/vflnMVuQc7A?t=235 = Can these 404 hurt my rankings organically?
https://youtu.be/vflnMVuQc7A?t=550 = How can we show Header Image in Google SERP?
https://youtu.be/vflnMVuQc7A?t=836 = Why does Google use Geography so literally?
https://youtu.be/vflnMVuQc7A?t=1381 = No Return Tags in the international targeting section
https://youtu.be/vflnMVuQc7A?t=1617 = Multiple h1 tags in a page
https://youtu.be/vflnMVuQc7A?t=2026 = Colour-wash overlay over images
Weekly SEO News Roundup

https://youtu.be/vflnMVuQc7A?t=2244 = A great piece on how images affect us
https://youtu.be/vflnMVuQc7A?t=2381 = Google: Normal For AMP Traffic to Fluctuate

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