Dumb SEO Questions 178.

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00:02:25 = Is it ok to share these posts on my blog first and then on other websites?
00:05:43 = Creating directory links with anchor text.
00:09:49 = Doubt on the SEO for images
00:15:28 = Website doesn`t show the Site-Links on Google
00:31:01 = Need Suggestions on SEO & PPC
00:44:47 = Indirect Outbound Link
Weekly SEO News Roundup

00:51:45 = Google Don`t Want To Clutter The Search Results With Too Many Rich Snippets
00:54:11 = Google Adds One Click Verify For My Business Listings
01:12:02 = Wikipedia Working on a Search Engine to Compete With Google
01:12:03 = How errors can be propagated

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