50 Fund Playmaker: Adam Karr and SEO Scholars San Francisco

WbSUaTBrc3c, 50 Fund Playmaker: Adam Karr and SEO Scholars San Francisco, Our 38th 50 Fund Playmaker is SEO Scholars San Francisco. SEO Scholars works to develop the essential academic skills in motivated low-income public high school students so they will graduate from competitive four-year colleges and become high-impact contributors to their communities.Their Playmaker grant will be used to fund outreach and recruitment efforts to accept a class of low-income ninth grade students who have the desire to go to college but lack the resources to get there. This class of 30 students will join the current 85 scholars, 935 of whom will be the first generation in their families to graduate from college. SEO Scholars have recognized Adam Karr, who founded the San Francisco office of SEO Scholars. A first-generation graduate of college himself, Adam has made a life-long commitment to creating opportunities for youth with limited resources.


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