Nova News: Making The Case For Local SEO For Lawyers.

NwqJBiDuy4Q, Nova News: Making The Case For Local SEO For Lawyers., Since most people today depend on internet searches to find service providers such as lawyers, it is important to have a website that draws viewers and invites them to contact you. Senior Marketing Consultant, Bashar, offers six points that will help make the case for local SEO for lawyers.

If you want to stand out from the countless other lawyers in your area, make sure your website has been created following these guidelines.

1 – Now, more than ever, put emphasis on local SEO. When someone types in a service, they usually include the city in which they live or need that service. Local SEO helps guide that person directly to your site as being in the area.

2 – Dominate the listings in your primary location first then add other local cities to your site.

3 – Solicit reviews from your clients and make it easy for them to post them to popular sites such as Yelp and Google Reviews. It is helpful to provide them with a list of sites and easy to click on links to post their comments and spread your name through social buzz.

4 – Make your website easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. Quick download speeds, catchy slogans and images and clear content keeps the viewer on your site, reducing your bounce rate and improving your ranking.

5 – Create engaging content that is specific to your type of practice. You want to highlight your areas of expertise so neither you nor potential clients waste time talking about services that aren’t needed.

6 – Take the time to fix or remove duplicate and inaccurate listings. It pays to search yourself from time to time in case your site may have appeared from an automated listing that is old or out of date.

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