Nova News: What You Need To Know About SEO And E-Commerce.

JQlPjb2vFjA, Nova News: What You Need To Know About SEO And E-Commerce., E-commerce is becoming increasingly common but not every e-commerce store is as big or widely known as Amazon, Ebay, Chapters Indigo and many more. For that reason, it is important to dedicate part of your marketing budget into online SEO because it works for your 24/7, promoting your products and bringing people to your site.

Bashar, a Senior Marketing Consultant from Nova Solutions shares some tips.

1 – Make sure that your website is neat and organized so that it is easy to navigate. A site that is not user friendly won’t have many conversions. It is easy to research ways to optimize the functionality of your site or to turn to web content professionals who can build you a great site.

2 – Create unique and optimized product descriptions. Use 2 to 3 sentences, not just individual words, and make sure to describe the benefits of purchasing or using your particular products.

3 – Optimize page loading time. Nothing turns a viewer off faster than a sluggish download.

4 – Ensure that your website is mobile friendly because more and more people are using tablets and other mobile devices to perform searches. Google also looks for the responsiveness of sites when determining rankings.

5 – Keep discounted and out of stock pages up on your site. These pages still have SEO value, so keep them up, making sure you indicate that these products are discontinued but make alternative suggestions.

By staying on top of what Google expects and what customers want, you can keep your SEO content relevant for a successful e-commerce website.

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