Nova News: Six SEO Truths You Can’t Afford To Ignore.

EewoQyfr5zM, Nova News: Six SEO Truths You Can’t Afford To Ignore., The days of simply creating a website and waiting for people to view it are long over. Bashar, a Nova Solutions Senior Marketing Consultant shares six SEO truths you can’t afford to ignore if you want to have a successful, profitable website that draws in plenty of viewers that become customers.

You can easily sum up the strategies to making your website stand out as 6 simple steps.

1 – Link building is dangerous. In years gone by, this was the way to achieve more views but today, unless you are linking to a known, reputable site, you could actually be causing damage to your site and company reputation.

2 – SEO is all about the user and their experience. What this means is that your site has to stand out by utilizing less content up front in favor of great images, easy navigation and catchy calls to action.

3 – Keep your brand in front of the public eye. It’s all about social buzz and the more mentions you generate online and through other people, the more successful your site and product will be.

4 – Be mobile friendly. There has been a steady increase in the use of mobile devices as the primary search tool for many people so easy access and navigation is a must.

5 – Content is still king. Search engines won’t bother listing sites with poor content so making your content stand out is a great way to improve your visibility.

6 – Don’t bother with guest blogging. With Google paying attention to the quality of the sites you link to, it is important to deal only with the most reputable sources so your site does not become linked with something negative.

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