Nova News: Why Every Great Website Design Starts With SEO.

8YmIQXwVB-U, Nova News: Why Every Great Website Design Starts With SEO., Now that the internet is 20 years old, many businesses want to update and improve their sites. Bashar, a Senior Marketing Consultant with Nova Solutions explains how to use SEO to ensure a great new website design.

For any new or even significantly updated sites, there are three key things to remember.

1 – Make sure that all old web pages are properly re-directed so there are no broken links.

2 – Identify new material as belonging to the original website. If Google sees duplicate material on a new or redesigned site, it assumes it has been copied from another (the original) site and penalizes it.

3 – Make sure any new site or updated material is properly recognized so there is no loss in current ranking. This is especially important for sites that are ranking well – you never want to lose a good position!
Several strategies make it easier to get a newly updated site recognized and ranked.

A – Plan for the new site to be mobile friendly – and that includes tablets. More and more searches are taking place on mobile devices and Google now uses that responsiveness as a criterion in ranking.

B – Ensure that your content is relevant. Many things have changed over the past 5, 10 or 20 years so it is important to take out any outdated content or images.

C – Make sure that your site downloads quickly – anything over 3 to 5 seconds will be closed and your potential customer will be checking your competitor’s site.

Content is still king so it is as important as ever to stand out from the competition with the help of SEO experts.

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