Nova News: Six Mistakes You Must Avoid When Doing SEO Keyword Research.

ewedcMtzrp8, Nova News: Six Mistakes You Must Avoid When Doing SEO Keyword Research., Bashar, a Senior Marketing Consultant with Nova Solutions comments on the importance of the effective use of keywords for successful SEO. Keywords are the fundamental aspect of all SEO and internet marketing so taking the time to find the right keywords for your particular needs is crucial.

There are 6 common mistakes that reduce the strength of your keywords.

1- Using the broad match option in your ad words tool provides you with many specific keywords – but that is the problem. There are too many to use effectively. It is better to look for exact keyword matches to narrow down your options.

2- Focusing on the keywords competitors are using is one way to stay on top of the competition but trying to use them for your own website success is pointless. It is much better to develop your own individual strategy with keywords that are not the same.

3- Using keywords that contain only 1 or 2 words limits the choices of visitors who tend to ask complete questions. It is better to work with long tail keywords that mimic the phrases and questions visitors use when they type in a search.

4- Not using location specific words spreads your message to too many people that will never be able to use your product or service. With geographic tracking, location specific keywords target the people directly in your area.

5- Not differentiating between plural and singular terms is easier to overcome now with search terms so your choice of keywords needs to cover both possibilities.

6- Don’t waste time with keywords that are too technical for the average visitor. If your business uses particular industry jargon or insider terminology, the terms are not familiar to most people so they would never use them for a search.

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