Nova News: Six Super Effective Ways to Combine Content Marketing with SEO.

VlhWcK5ySP4, Nova News: Six Super Effective Ways to Combine Content Marketing with SEO., You can have great content but without appropriate SEO, your site won’t go anywhere, according to Bashar, a Senior Marketing Consultant with Nova Solutions. Simply stated, SEO guides your content to let search engines know about it and get it posted.
Six basic principles can help guide you to effectively combine your content with SEO.

1- Created content that is relevant any time of the year or even for many years. This is called ‘Evergreen Content’. Don’t date yourself or refer to specific times or events – after a while, there is no more SEO relevancy so you lose your effectiveness.

2- Use keywords correctly. The most important point is to write naturally – the way people talk – and that means no keyword stuffing! It is valuable to include long tail keywords along with those that are short and sweet because they match the way people ask questions when the search the web.

3- Know your target audience! For effective websites, you must understand how your target audience communicates and what they expect to see on your site. This relates to all aspects of demographics so audience research is a must!

4- Use catchy headlines such as those found on Buzzfeed. Capture a reader’s attention so they want to see what else you have to say.

5- Don’t go overboard with content. Include images that tell your story and make sure your site is easy to navigate. When the reader likes what they see, they will read more as they get into your site.

6- Keep tabs on the success of your internet marketing strategies. Metrics are measured results that tell you how effective your strategy is and shows where you need to make changes.

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