Nova News: SEO Factors You Can Stop Worrying About Today.

VhNYwH5BP7o, Nova News: SEO Factors You Can Stop Worrying About Today., SEO is important but that does not mean you have to obsess over it. Nova Solutions Senior Marketing Consultant Bashar shares some comments about things entrepreneurs worry about unnecessarily with their SEO content.

1) Ranking. Ranking is, of course, important but the best way to ensure achieving it is to devote time to the development of long tail keywords.

2) TLD. Many people think that creating a new Top Level Domain is the trick to better SEO but that is not usually the case. Search Engines treat all TLDs the same so newer is not necessarily better.

3) Press Releases. Creating and publishing press releases used to be a big thing for SEO and some businesses went so far as to hire a PR specialist – but that is no longer the case. Today, use press releases only if they are truly newsworthy to your relevant industry audience.

4) Algorithm updates. Up until 2012, updates were game changers for SEO because Google was cracking down on duplicate content and spamming. Today, these updates are not as significant so just being aware of them is usually enough.

5) Link building. Like some of these other practices, creating links used to be important for SEO. With the newest Google updates, back linking should be organic – originating out of good content and related to what your viewers really want to know.

The bottom line is to simply create interesting content that provides what your target audience is interested in and is what they will want to share.

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