Nova News: Website Load Times & It’s Impact on SEO.

lfEkN1cE3Wg, Nova News: Website Load Times & It’s Impact on SEO., When it comes to searching topics on the web, people are not always very patient. According to Nauman, a Senior Marketing Consultant for Nova Solutions, a slow loading website will be bypassed as visitors bounce out. Google monitors this rate of bounce and if your site has an increasing rate of bounce, you will lose your position in the search engine rankings.

According to recorded practice, the industry standard for a site to load is between 3 and 5 seconds. A quick loading site is undoubtedly organic and flows naturally so it is important to have a high quality website design and good content.

On the other hand, a slow loading site creates a negative user experience, and most users will simply hit the back button if the information that they are seeking on your site doesn’t load quickly. This creates a two-fold problem for companies with slow loading websites. They lose potential customers who are trying to access their site, and it hurts their SEO.

In order to make your site load faster it is possible to utilize Cloud Flair and Compression Cache techniques. As with any marketing devices, it is important for do-it-yourselfers to take some time to research the best way to create a website. For those who choose to hire a website design firm, make sure you find one with reliable, proven success who takes care of your needs for a reasonable price.

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