Nova News: Why Images Are So Important for SEO.

VyDBTFWtWWg, Nova News: Why Images Are So Important for SEO., An image is worth a thousand words, but to the Google search engine, it is worth much more. Bashar and Nauman, Senior Marketing Consultants from Nova Solutions explain this concept. It is human nature to be attracted to images so when you include visually appealing images that relate to your content within your website, you are significantly increasing your chances that visitors will click on your site.

Google’s success comes from constant study and the exacting use of algorithms to measure the quality of the content on the web. When you consciously add content and images that adhere to Google guidelines, you raise the Quality Score of your site and get better rankings. One thing Google looks for with images is the inclusion of meta tags and descriptions that viewers can’t see but which closely match the image to your content.

Images are quite important for any website because there is actually a category in the Google Search Engine through which people can search topics by image. The image, then, leads people to the website. This happens most frequently with social media where indexing makes images easier to find and then share.

We live in a visual world so it is no surprise that images are a critical element of SEO. Understanding that fact will go a long way to making your website attract more visitors and receive higher search engine rankings.

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