Nova News: Social Media for SEO.

DPnaFb5XOys, Nova News: Social Media for SEO., One of Nova Solutions Senior internet marketing consultants, Bashar, speaks on the importance of Social Media in the role of your Search Engine Optimization.
With so many platforms to choose from, it is key that one uses the right social media networks to reach out to the respective consumers. First step, is to identify the type of social media that applies to your business. Where is your target audience concentrated? Is it mostly Facebook and Twitter, or perhaps Vimeo and Instagram?

After you have found out where they are, the next task lies in creating truly engaging and fascinating content. This content is supposed to engage and excite your potential followers and clients. It is important not to cut corners here and use custom graphics, diagrams, videos, stats….whatever necessary to provide value. A catchy tittle is the key, along with a fascinating visual.
The content you create should have back links to the website you are aiming to elevate in positions. While you do not want to keyword stuff it, or make very obvious anchor texts, proper linking is important.

Lastly, share this content. With various tools you can tell what time of day and how frequent the posts should be send out to reach maximum effect. The content will engage your audience, portions of which would follow through to your website. Not only have you gained visitors, you have now also demonstrated social engagement of your website by increasing number of social media visits.

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