SEO News ~ Ebay Scammers Caught!

S9V0gKnTAow, SEO News ~ Ebay Scammers Caught!, January 15th Seo and Internet News. This is the first news clip of the series produced by . I will be producing news videos once per week and they should be published on Fridays. To find out more about any of the stories visit

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  1. TheAleksandarCom

    Thanks for the news and great video. Hope it will become regularly.

  2. productions345

    Michael Robert you are great ..excellent JOB carry on this work

  3. immightyeel

    Thanks for the great infomation Mike. Your team is always up to date on the
    latest news and information. I look forward to the next video.

  4. iLifestyleClub

    Thanks Mike, Great Video and great points. In regards to your question on
    Internet Marketers offering bonuses to buy thru them… I actually like
    this as it gives me more options and often some cool bonuses are offered.
    Blessings, Leanne 🙂

  5. Madelaine7

    A reply to your question about bonuses from “gurus”. To me it de-valuates
    the product. It feels like they don’t care about the original product
    itself, just how much they can sell and how “good they can look” by what
    they are giving away, so I tend to stay away from those products. You never
    saw a great software like Market Samurai being done that too and that is
    one of the best softwares out there…….that tells me something

  6. Stacey Arnold

    It really sucks, because honest small sellers like me can be hurt VERY
    badly by scam buyers. They can ding your DSRs and put you out of business
    very easily. Then there are the people who deliberately sell on Ebay to
    scam and ebay does VERY LITTLE to get rid of them. It’s as easy as opening
    a new account. Ebay also doesn’t do anything to cut down on crooked buyers.

  7. OmenST90

    I know it’s an old video now but was watching videos on scammers. Couldn’t
    get through this one though. You sound like Kermit the Frog

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