SEO Tip – How to build Press Release backlinks

b6-3sGjwdlg, SEO Tip – How to build Press Release backlinks, See the full Tutorial here:
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SEO Basics Video Course -2- Backlink Building Strategies

How to build Press Release backlinks

Press releases are an often overlooked method to get backlinks because not many people have heard of them or understand how they work. Press release sites are news release sites that operate online and despite their traditional offline definition, you don’t necessarily have to submit any “news breaking content” all one needs to do is to write an article with an objective news style.

Here are a few ideas you can use to create press release articles:

New products or services
Industry developments
Professional association news
Corporate and Community Events
Newsworthy stories from your local TV or newspaper that relates to your business
For many press release sites you can include what’s called a contextual backlink. Contextual backlinks are the best type of backlinks to get and are characterized by being surrounded by text content. Use your main keyword as the anchor text of your backlink and link it back to the URL of the homepage of your website. However, you need to make sure that the press release site allows contextual backlinks before using them.

Examples of Press Release Sites:
An important thing to note is that you shouldn’t submit the same article to all the press release sites. Instead you should submit unique articles to each site. One of the ways you can speed up your press release submissions is to take one article and spin it into many different articles, and then submit each spun article to a separate press release site.

As you go about building press release backlinks make sure you keep a list of the URLs of all the press release pages where you submitted your press releases. This helps you to build a list of Press release sites you can use in the future and to also help you build backlinks to those articles since this will help get your content indexed faster.

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