Plastic Surgeon SEO News Update 2013

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00:10 — Matt Cutts Interview, Big Updates Coming
00:30 — Bad SEO tactics explained
00:40 — Sites being dumped by Google due to shady tactics
00:50 — You’ve been warned! Plastic Surgeon SEO
01:00 — 2013 Google has some huge algorithm updates coming (Panda & Penguin)
01:20 — Beware of paid links or content farms
01:40 — Solution: Create your own content & have an SEO team syndicate smartly.
02:00 — Understand and be careful what type of SEO strategy is being used on your site

Plastic Surgeon SEO News Update 2013

Aaron Franklin here with a quick SEO news update. I am an SEO & Internet Marketing specialist working almost exclusively with Plastic Surgeons.

So I just got done with listening to an interview with Matt Cutts, the head of spam control at Google. He says 2013 there’s going to be some major updates to the Panda and Penguin algorithms. These specifically go after websites that have duplicate content, that have keyword stuffing, or that are buying links, or they are placing content on content farms to try and get links back, basically trying to manipulate the system.

Plastic Surgeon SEO. So a lot of these things are going to get websites dumped from the Google search results. I put this video together just to warn people, especially plastic surgeons out there who may be working with the SEO firms who are buying links or creating content for them, to be very, very careful; 2013 Google is upping the ante and getting more aggressive with their Panda and Penguin updates. Those are specifically designed to sniff out duplicate content or content nobody cares about.

If you’ve got an SEO firm creating content for you, there’s a good chance they may be copying it from other people’s site and just changing it up a little bit and they’re doing it for SEO purposes in mind which was a strategy that used to work but with these new updates is highly risky and it’s only a matter of time before it catches up with you. Google is very very smart, if you’re SEO company is doing anything slightly shady (grey hat or black hat) it’s going to bite you in the ass at some stage.

Google Panda update will consider your content duplicate or low quality thus dragging down your whole sites credibility. Also if they’re buying links or paying to get that content put onto other sites to create links back faster to get you quick results this is also a very dangerous strategy. That’s also going to get you into trouble and could eventually get you blacklisted by Google, so be very, very careful as you’re creating fresh content.

You should be working with an SEO team to get your OWN unique content syndicated smartly. This is the best long-term SEO strategy, so make sure you’re being reputable.
As plastic surgeons, you can’t afford to pay someone a bunch of money, do this for years, and eventually have it all go away overnight. You want to be building up your foundation and keep getting better, better and better, and stronger, stronger, stronger, which can very easily be done if you have the right strategy, so be very careful with what type of SEO strategy you are using, and who you are employing to execute on your work.

If you’re not sure, I’d love to talk to you. Feel free to hit me up, send me an email,, or you can find my phone number up there on the top of the site, and just call me. I’m happy to give you my advice for free if you are a plastic surgeon, and you’re struggling with your SEO, or you just have questions and you need some help.

Thank you.
Plastic Surgeon SEO Guy.

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