[ETN] Entertainment News : Sang-yoon Lee & Jin-seo Yun

hdXx7Ehpkkc, [ETN] Entertainment News : Sang-yoon Lee & Jin-seo Yun, [ETN] 연예스테이션 : 달달한 로맨스 영화 ‘산타바바라’ 뮤직 쇼케이스

로맨틱가이 이상윤과 팔색조 윤진서의 아름다운 러브스토리. 산타바바라를 배경으로 한 향기있는 영화를 만나보세요.

Entertainment News : Sang-yoon Lee & Jin-seo Yun

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  1. Lynn Yee

    “SANTA BARBARA” Our prominent charming prince Lee Sang Yoon emerged tops
    47% viewership ratings, who monopolized the industry recently from his
    highly recommended drama “MY DAUGHTER SEO YOUNG” scores the fantastic
    highest ratiing very wide spread to the audience around the world, follow
    up with his strength from his graduation from the prestigious Seoul
    National University, proudly holding the scroll in his hand a Bachelor Of
    Science Degree majoring in PHYSICS!!!!!! Give applause to Lee Sang Yoon and
    wishing him the best of success for his forthcoming movie will be on screen
    at the cinema 15th August 2014 at the same time audience send their best
    regards to Lee Sang Yoon “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and many happy returns of the day.

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