Brian Newmark News Segment about Content Marketing vs. SEO

x-ik209pwsw, Brian Newmark News Segment about Content Marketing vs. SEO, Brian Newmark Partner at Augment Marketing is interviewed for a news segment about SEO vs Content Marketing. Brian Newmark blogs weekly about content marketing on his blog Brian Newmark also blogs about Pay Per Click on

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  1. moniriqbal

    The tips really very useful .It is so easy and simple . everyone can
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  2. lingkon2

    Really better suggest for us. Please clear that, Brian Newmark also blogs
    about Pay Per Click.

  3. Brian Newmark

    Not sure if I’ve posted this video, but it is pretty cool

  4. Udayanga Jayasundara

    Thanks Brian Newmark, This is the best video I watched today.. (y)

  5. Joshua Cleveland

    This was an awesome and informative news segment on Brian Newmark. I’m glad
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  6. rayan rahman

    I have heard so much about Brian Newmark.
    He definitely is a trendsetter!

  7. Judy Workman

    Way to go, Brian Newmark. Thanks for this information. I know you will
    help a lot of people.

  8. R.U. RealUniversity

    Bryan Newmark is the man, he right, it’s like he found out what they been
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  9. nbos08

    This is a great segment for Brian Newmark. Well worth my time. 

  10. Rufus Warblegardener

    I keep learning from these great videos from Brian Newmark

  11. Cheryl Crockett

    Wow! Brian Newmark is shaking up conventional views on SEO.

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