How to Rank Well on Google News (SEO)

95ig-mht8VI, How to Rank Well on Google News (SEO), – Today’s video looks at the best methods of using SEO skills to appear in Google News, and to rank well for these searches. This topic was suggested by Yousaf Sekander of Elevate Local.

We look at:

– The use of unique and fresh content
– The important of writing first
– How your spelling and grammar count
– Why citations are key
– How to use markup data to rank well

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  1. Spook SEO

    I very much agree on how critical unique and fresh content is. If people
    want to survive any updates Google will make, they need to focus on
    originality, authority, and relevancy. Quality content is not only about
    getting it optimized properly for bots. It also needs to be useful to
    readers and be polished which means it should be free from spelling and
    grammar errors.

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